Claire Marie White began her design pursuits in Austin, Texas with a background in fine art specializing in studio painting and graphic design. Simultaneously pursuing a Bachelor of the Arts in Visual Communication from St. Edward's University, Claire developed a career in art direction & production design for independent film with such projects as SXSW premiering noir thriller TWO STEP, award winning horror film FOUND FOOTAGE 3D, and Slamdance premiering crime drama SAVAGE YOUTH. 


Claire went on to receive a Masters of Production Design at The American Film Institute Conservatory, and was one of select few chosen for the Art Directors Guild Production Design Training Program in 2017.  


A member of the Art Directors Guild, Local 800 for Graphic Design, Claire has worked on projects including JANE THE VIRGIN, HBO's MCMILLIONS, and Jim Henson's EARTH TO NED.


Claire is an independent Designer, and a Local 800 Graphic Artist.